Deadline for Mission Possible

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October 4, 2013 by emblapolaris

I posted this on my Facebook-profile on September 26:

It´s Thors Day and I am four days away from my deadline. Will I be able to finish the book by September 30 as planned?

Honestly? No. And I will tell you why.

Back when I decided to start this project, I had no job (due to illness) and had all the time in the world to write. And I did. But somewhere in the middle of the book, a thing called life happened. To make a long story short, I left my old life behind to start a new one. It has taken time and been a humpy-bumpy journey.

That said, I am very proud of where I am today and all I have accomplished. Health is better, so in February I started in school and work followed shortly after. Today, I am still in school, have a day job and also working evenings/weekends to practice my profession. In between that, I am writing other things as well, traveling between two-three different places and also trying to live a life occasionally.

I have been living in a suitcase and stayed a little here and a little there the past 12 months. The book has been traveling along with me, and I have been writing as much and as often as I can. All though I feel absolutely terrible about delaying it even more, I want this book to be as good as possible – to raise a fine amount of money for an important cause. To scribble it down while rushing between other things, is no good way to do it.

With all my heart, I hope to finish the book, have it edited and published before Christmas, and I *promise* to do what I can to make it happen.

Thanks again for being so supportive and patient with me.

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